Why use 1 day car insurance?

It is strange that you would land on this page if you weren't already looking for a one day coverage. So, we will skip the obvious and weigh out the pros and cons.

Vacations & Road Trips

Vacations and road trips alone are enough of a hassle of logistics. Hotels, air tickets, travel destination, travel means are sufficient headache. Insurance, therefore, is often neglected or even dismissed.


Most of the accidents happen in terrain/environments we are unfamiliar with. Just as likely as luggage get lost in transfers, making a wrong turn in an unfamiliar state or country is inevitable. Being unaccustomed to roads make accidents more probable. Even for cautious drivers.

It is important you have coverage and protection. Get a one day car insurance. Coverage is charged daily and will not affect your long term car insurance.

Borrowing a friend's car

When you borrow a friend's/relative's car, how do you sort out the insurance mess?

Again, with unfamiliar territories. Driving a foreign (being new/again, unfamiliar) vehicle can be problematic. Accidents tend to occur, especially for less experienced drivers.

Given that, you don't want to be roaming the streets unprotected with the possibility of hurting someone and having to declare bankruptcy in court in order afford the payout required.

A simple procedure can save you a great deal of potential losses.


There are many reasons and scenarios why you would possibly need to get a one day car insurance. But the most crucial point is that, better to be safe than sorry. Don't that the inner sloth delude convenience for affordance of risk.