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Ploughing through the internet for information about car insurnace is annoying and time-consuming. So, we've have done hte hard work for you so you can spend more time with you loved ones and enjoying your car. Here we have compiled a list of all the insurers that provide one day car insurance / short term coverage. But if you've came this far to look for an insurer, the thing that would interest you most would likely be the price. We have combed through forums and contact individual insurers for an average price quote. If you do not see a price attached to the company name yet, it simply means we haven't gotten to it yet. But, rest assured we will get to it real soon.

Average Price Range

The List

Day Insure will provide coverage for about £45 a week. They are in Partnership with Aviva, so reliability wise this is one of the best option. But as with all established firms and options, you are paying a premium for the security and reduced risks. (

TempCover offers temporary coverage for £10 and £35 for a week as an estimate. They offer insurance for both cars and vans. (

Ecarinsurance quoted £31-35 for 28 days on average. This is one of the cheaper options available out there. You can head on over to their help desk to request for a quote based on your needs. ( charges at an average £4.66 per day. Its an online provider of short term insurance only. You can request a quote at (

Swinton, like Aviva is an established corporation and have premium pricing when it comes to their coverage. It is highly recommended in many circles and a wide range of people are using it. (

Another established brands in the list. But, the reason its on this list is because it provides short term coverage for those under 18 and those above 65. This is a slight extension of normal short term coverages provided by the other insuerers. If you are in any of these age group head on over to

Notes: The information presented and represented on this site is based on UK 1 day car insurance. Details may vary amongst countries. Please be aware of such.