Discount Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums can really be a burden at a certain point in time. But there are certain known discounts that could really help you in managing the costs of owning a car. Below is the list.

Multi-car Discounts

When you have more than one car in your home and you register under the same insurer, the subsequent cars' policies are discounted. The discounts range from around 10% to 20%.

No Claim Discount

This is one the most well-known discounts available in the market. If their histories are claim-free, discounts are earned. Driver's histories are stored in the system and the discount will be applied accordingly. However, the discount is cumulative. But, on the other hand, it wil not be eradicated with just a single claim. The amount of NCD that's being chipped will depend on the severity of the claim and the responsible party.

Only Driver Discount

You'll recieve this discount when you insure more than one car with a single insurer that are all driven solely by you alone. The discount will be applied to the newly insured car. However, this discount will reduce according to the amount of claims you make.

Breakdown Multi-Car Discount

The costs of your breakdown cover can be brought down by insuring more than one car on the cover. You stand to save up to 45% if you do so.

Passing Plus Discount

Pass Plus entitles new drivers to a 5% discount on car insurance policy for the first year. You must have passed you test or driven for less than a year to qualify from the the discount.