Uncovering Coverage

What is covered?

Understanding the coverage details of a policy is essential. Many a times, the thick piles of papers make us feel we are granted the option of skimming through it. But, really, don't fall into the trap.

Here to help

We are here to help. Below, we have summarized some of the key details of the common 1 day car insurance. These are the key details you need to look out for in your policy (whether they are there or missing). If they are missing, it should raise some alarms. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about anything.

Loss or Damage (fire, accidents, theft or vandalism)

In event of such, insurers usually:
- Pay for repair works on the car
- Replacement of the car
- Cash Payout equivalent to the total loss and damage.

The total payout will usually be a fixed amount (Aviva pays up till $40,00) or the current market value of said car, whichever is lesser.

Car replacement

The insurer will offer to replace the car if the cost of repairs sum up to more than 60% of the UK listed price or your car was stolen and not recovered.

This is subjected to hire-purchase agreements if you purchased your car under that agreement.

Accident recovery and repair

If all these is starting to give you ominous feelings about driving, don't worry. We are almost at the end of it.

In case your car has been wrecked beyond the possibility to drive it, the insurer approved repair service should remove the car, repair it then deliver it back to your designated address.

Check the network of repairers before buying your insurance. Ensure that you are happy with their coverage of services and standards.

Legal Liability

Now, as we scale up the paranoia ladder of ominous events - if you unintentionally kill or injure someone other than yourself. That's basically what the legal liability is all about.

Generally, because the coverage is short term, insurers only payout if:
- The death or injury is caused when the car is towed.
- Damages were made by the car.
- The maximum claim ranges from 1 million to 5 million.

Additional covers

You can extend your 1 day car insurance to cover the rest of Europe. The comprehensive coverage would normally be charged with an additional surcharge on top of the premium assigned.

Notes: The information presented and represented on this site is based on UK 1 day car insurance. Details may vary amongst countries. Please be aware of such.