Car Insurance for 2 Weeks

Save some money today!

14 days car insurance packages are the best way to save some money when getting short term car insurance. This is because they are relatively cheaper than paying by the day or booking by the week. You can save yourself a good amount of cash on comprehensive vehicle insurance by block booking a 14-day-period instead.

What is Covered?

This 2 weeks comprehensive car insurance coverages are structured to provide coverage for the named driver, third party coverage for items towed by the primary vehicle. In other words, any damages to these third-party items, be it bicycles, caravans or boats are all covered. Of course, the damages cannot be caused by them primarily.

2 week insurance is available for booking online using a simple quote form. Most places are unable to provide insurance over the phone though.

Who can use it?

Most privately owned or company owned vehicles are available for coverage under the 2 weeks insurance policy as long as the vehicles are registed in the UK.

To qualify, one must hold a full UK driving license or a full driving license from EU, Australia and New Zealand . Similar to ordinary car insurance policies, the price quoted depends on the type of car and the age of the vehicle. Also, the purpose of the usage makes a difference too.

Notes: The information presented and represented on this site is based on UK 1 day car insurance. Details may vary amongst countries. Please be aware of such.