1 day car insurance

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What is One Day Car Insurance?

One day car insurance is car insurance that lasts for just a day. Yes, it does exists.

It is normally offered by the major insurance companies such as Aviva or Geico under the title of short term car insurance.

Short term insurance normally offers up a coverage of a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 28 days. The charges are normally calculated based on daily rates.

The basic requirement is of course that you possess a driving license. Certain firms are accepting overseas license and provincial license. Check to be sure.

How to apply - Forget the paperwork woes

Application process is mostly painless. The one day coverage can be applied for online, approved and printed out in the same day. Log on to your favorite insurer to find out more. Or, consult our list here.

Age Limit

The minimum age of most one day car insurance policies are 21 due to the higher liabilities and risk the insurer has to undertake. The maximum age ranges between 70 - 75 amongst insurers.

Stays separate from your policy

The one day car insurance does not affect your long term car insurance. Yes, this means your no claim discount (NCD - not sure what this is? Click here) will not be affected. What happens during this period of short term coverage stays within this period. (Find out why here)

Reality Check - How hard is it to get it.

Let's be frank, if your driving history is a warzone, have a horrible claims history, it is going to be a struggle to get any insurance. One day coverages not withstanding.

1 day car insurance/short term car insurance is usually only available in UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand. (True at the point of publication 2013)

Notes: The information presented and represented on this site is based on UK 1 day car insurance. Details may vary amongst countries. Please be aware of such.